My Favorite Target Finds

If anyone knows me they know that I, along with every other girl in their 20’s am OBSESSED with Target! I go in the store looking for one item and I leave a broken bank account and no regrets! You’ve heard it before…

One of my best kept secrets in my wardrobe is how many of my pieces actually come from Target. I know I know, right now you’re thinking duh Morgan! Everyone knows Target has the cutest of clothes! I think what many girls my age find is that the clothing is still a little too pricey. I know in my mind, I sometimes think that if I am going to spend $30 on one shirt, I don’t want it to come from Target, am I right? The secret to success is when they have their sales. Your best deal will be when clothing is up to 40% off or, when it is buy one get one 50% off. That is the ONLY time I buy their clothing, and it is always a success.You can’t beat the quality for the price, and they are so great for a multi-functioning dress. This is always the place i go to shop when I need a new dress for work. I can always find something that fits me since they have a great size variety and they have such a great variety of styles that makes it easier for anyone to buy something that matches their personality.

The two outfits pictured above are both from Target! Sadly, they are no longer online, but I have linked a few similar dresses below that I love and are under $40!

And remember…

Don’t Forget the Sprinkles

-Morgan Kyra

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