Lizzie’s Boutique

It’s time to tell you about a new boutique that I just discovered! It is local to the Morgantown area and is also available online. It’s called Lizzie’s Boutique and it is absolutely fabulous! The assortment is great and they have various styles to choose from for a wide range of looks. They have comfy clothing for when you want to look cute, but want to wear joggers, but they also have super chic clothing such as leather skirts and A LOT of leopard print! My favorite part about the boutique is that all of clothing is super on trend, and it was hard for me to make a decision…because I wanted everything!

I decided for my first purchase I wanted to buy something more on the comfortable side, but something that was still fitted and that I could wear to work.

I decided to go with this black shirt not only because it was comfortable, but because it can be worn two different ways! I listed both ways that this can be worn in each of the pictures. It’s honestly the perfect shirt to transition from the day into the night!

For the pants I decided to go with a pair of black suede pants. You can’t really see it in the picture, but these pants have detail around the knees to add texture, and the best part is they are pull on pants and extra comfortable!

I also wanted to list a few items that are also my top picks and all of the links are provided below so that you can buy them online!


Check out Lizzie’s Boutique online or in the Morgantown Mall, located next to the food court!

Don’t Forget the Sprinkles!

-Morgan Kyra

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