5 Tips for Savvy Shopping

It’s time to unravel my top 5 tips for Savvy Shopping! This is honestly hard to narrow down to just five, because I have a ton and it is something that I could talk about for DAYS, but for the sake of this blog, and all that are reading it I am narrowing it down to just 5. I can’t tell you how many times my friends and family as me how I do it, and more importantly how I afford it. I will say that I have developed some serious patience and that is part of the key to success when it comes to savvy shopping. Remember that saying, “nothing comes easy”? That definitely applies to this situation. I try to save money wherever I can, not just on clothing, but on groceries too! Now let’s get started.

1. Savvy Grocery Savings

Not only am I saving money on fashion, but I also try to save as much as I can when it comes to groceries. If I’m being honest, sometimes I try to save more on groceries so I can buy more clothing…I can’t help myself! my biggest tip when it comes to saving on groceries is to use your coupons! Use all of them, seriously. I find them in the weekly paper, and online. I also make sure to have the store card where they offer more special discounts. In my case, I am always at Kroger, and I have Kroger card where they offer special discounts and also allow you to build up points for money off of gas. Not only is Kroger important, but there is another very, very important grocery store that I go to EVERY Saturday morning as soon as they open…Aldi. Listen my friends, if you live near an Aldi and have never been, don;t walk, RUN to your nearest one now! Aldi probably saves me $70 on groceries each week. Some things to remember when shopping here is that 85% of it is their private label. There are some branded items that can be found, but the majority is their own brand, which is fine with me because the brands of food don’t bother me. Aldi is my biggest tip to saving money. I know if I shop here and get the majority of my groceries here, I will have more money to spend on the things that I enjoy.

2. Shopping for the finer things, and buying the more affordable things.

I constantly find myself wandering onto Nordstrom’s website, a few of my favorite online clothing boutiques, and even scrolling through Pinterest looking at designer brands and their clothing. While it is wonderful to dream, the finer things in life are unfortunately not an option at the moment. Of course not everything is luxury on these websites and there are tons of more affordable options, but my number one tip for this would be to shop for what you want the most and then look for it in more affordable places. My best tip for this situation is to look in places like TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. I can say that probably 50% of my wardrobe is from TJ’s/Marshall’s. You can almost always find more affordable options in one of these retailers that look similar to the $350 blouse you saw online. This is one part that does require patience. I look through every rack, at every single item on the rack. That is the only way you are going to get lucky! I like the hunt, it always leaves me wanting more! Not only is TJ’s/Marshall’s great for finding affordable options, but you might get lucky and find the exact thing you are looking for at a more affordable price. I have linked a few of my finds below on their website! Hurry before they are gone!




3. I know it’s painful, but subscribe to the emails!

Sometimes you just have to wait around for the sale. One of the easiest ways I find out about sales is through emails. I know it can be super annoying, but when you have a gmail account, it automatically sorts it for you! You have a folder for your primary emails and then a promotion folder. I always go straight to the promotion folder to find all of the sales. It makes it so much easier, and trust me it’s worth it!

4. Don’t sleep on Amazon!

Amazon has really stepped their game up when it comes to fashion. They have so many affordable options. I am going to do a more lengthy post dedicated to Amazon fashion, but for right now I will keep it short. It is so easy to find everything on there. you can even type in designer dupes, and a bunch of options will appear! Here is a few of my favorite finds for a super affordable price. My only caution is that I would steer clear of the options that aren’t available for prime. They could take up to a month to deliver, and sometimes aren’t the most reliable or trustworthy, so use at your own risk, and ALWAYS read the reviews!




5. Affordable online boutiques are a must!

I love to buy from all of the website’s that I mentioned above, but one of my most recent addictions is shopping from affordable online clothing boutiques. There are so many amazing options available on different websites that the limit does not exist! Not only are the options affordable, but they are also unique and not something typical that you would find in Forever 21(not that anything is wrong with that!) Sometimes you just need something different. Here are a few of my favorites:







Don’t Forget the Sprinkles!

-Morgan Kyra

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